ProjectMVP - Move to Office365 and RingCentral

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Getting support on Monday


Tel: 0203 1980 899

Please leave a message if busy or unanswered and we will get back to you.

Microsoft Office365

Logging in to Office365 online for the first time



Password: shared with you via text message


Open a Shared Mailbox in Outlook Online

Use these instructions to open the "" shared mailbox.

RingCentral Phone System

Install the RingCentral Phone App on your computer

Install the RingCentral Phone App on your iPhone or Android Smartphone

Download and install Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)

All documents previously stored in Google Drive have been converted from the Google Doc/Sheet/Slides formats to Word, Excel and Powerpoint respectively. All of your files have been migrated to OneDrive. Folders/Files previously shared in the MVP folder have been transferred to the Admin (Lee) to set up the sharing again.


Accessing Documents previously stored in Google Drive


Accessing your previous Google account

Your previous account on Google G Suite, is still online. You will be able to access it and all the data that it contains until that service is closed. You will be given notice before this happens.

If you think some of your data is missing from your Office365 account or you don't know where to find it, please email and we will take a look.

I expect to build up a section of ProjectMVP-specific questions and answers on this page. So please check back during the week.