Clouds & Frameworks

Post date: 14-Mar-2010 22:19:51

I have been thinking about modelling business and came across Zachman's Framework in my reading. Without going into detail, it seems that the idea of distributed effort is central to the thinking.

To be effective, you either have to be highly centralised in your organisation, which does not scale, or do something else. The something else so many businesses and other organisations have turned to is de-centralisation which brings with it a whole host of problems.

The holy grail in this endeavour is a completely distributed organisation with each distributed component operating efficiently and effectively interfacing with each necessary other component. This does require co-ordination and the adherence to strict standards. This implies that there is an authority in the system and that each component is accountable to that authority.

With the so-called Software-as-a-Service model comes a challenge because the authority (the business) cannot control the platform and readily define how the business components interface on a technology level.