Time-Mileage Tracking & Invoicing

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pk TimeApp is an online platform aimed at everyone who’s in need of tracking time and expenses in relation to Clients and Projects. It’s the perfect tool for lawyers, consultants, craftsmen and every other line of business where the need to track time and expenses is crucial.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use TimeApp

  • It’s completely free for one-man enterprises
  • All functions are included – no extra costs
  • No long term commitments – cancel whenever you like
  • Easy to use and full of great features
  • Comes with unique tools for collaboration

… and 5 Reasons Why You Might Not

  • You don’t like free stuff
  • You want to pay extra for additional functions
  • You like to sign up for long term contracts
  • Easy-to-use? That does not sound very challenging …
  • Your best friend is a volleyball named Wilson

Contact us to find out more ...

e:    timeapp@resonateservices.co.uk
t:    020 8133 2300